Canadian company to build four Moon-shaped casinos, including one in Las Vegas

Canadian company to build four Moon-shaped casinos, including one in Las Vegas

A Canadian company called Moon World Resorts Incorporated is reportedly planning to build moon-themed casino resorts with a “lunar surface” in Las Vegas and at several other locations around the globe. According to the New York Post, Moon World Resorts is planning to build moon-themed casinos in Las Vegas, Spain, China, Spain, and the Middle East. Canada-based Moon World Resorts is an architectural design & intellectual property licensing firm.

Construction of the unique Moon-shaped gaming property in Las Vegas would likely cost the company $5 billion. The company aims to have these casino resorts built by the end of 2027.

The proposed Las Vegas gaming property will feature 1/75,000-sized replica of the Moon. On the top floor of the resort, there will be a 292,011-sq.-ft. “lunar surface.” A ‘shuttle’ will be used to take visitors to the top lunar surface of the 735-foot-tall gaming property. As per information available through the company’s official website, a fee of $500 will be charged per person for a 90-minute visit to the lunar surface.

The company, however, didn’t give any indication about what the lunar surface would be made of, but the company’s co-founder Michael Henderson claimed that it would be “authentic.” He stressed that they decided to create a lunar surface because people always want something unique and different. He also revealed that the project was originally planned for California but that was not a good fit.

Sharing the plans, Henderson said, “It will license four luxurious and unique Moon Resort Destinations around the world. The initial project was originally planned for Coachella, Calif., in 2016, but that idea was simply an option under brief consideration. The area-specific tourism authority did not want large-scale projects and therefore our project was clearly not a good fit.”

The proposed casino resort would include 4,000 rooms and suites, a 10,000-seat arena, and a spacious planetarium. In addition, the moon-themed casino resorts would have a 500,000-square-foot convention center and parking spaces for as many as 6,000 vehicles. While the company has declared that Las Vegas would be one of the several locations where the moon-themed casino resorts would be built there is no indication where the proposed gaming property would be built in Las Vegas. However, an illustration posted on the Canadian company’s official website shows a giant sphere close to the world-famous Wynn Las Vegas and Encore hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip (LVS).