Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino will call back all workers in stages: CEO Jay Dorris

Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino will call back all workers in stages: CEO Jay Dorris

Wind Creek Bethlehem remains closed as Northampton County officials have yet to give green signal for its reopening, but the casino has plans to call all of its employees back to work in stages.

In a recent interview, Wind Creek Hospitality President and Chief Executive Officer Jay Dorris provided details about the entertainment facility’s operations and future plans in wake of the deadly COVID19-induced lengthy shutdown.

The gambling and gaming facility, which has been closed since 15th of March, paid its nearly 2,400 workers through the end of May but furloughed 2,095 workers on 1st of June due to adverse business conditions created by the COVID19 pandemic. However, Dorris said all workers would be called back in stages as the business would ramp up.

When asked about whether the casino would bring every furloughed employee back to work or not, Dorris said, “We may do it in stages as we ramp up, but our goal is to get everyone back. As we ramp up or gear up to reopen, we need to start bringing people back to get ready. It’s a staged process to get a property like that up and running again.”

Dorris also stressed that guests should expect to see several new rules and changes when the casino will reopen its doors to the public. In the initial stage, only a small group of customers will be invited to allow them to test the venue’s new policies. The list of other changes that customers are most likely to see at the venue once it is reopened to the public includes capacity curtails, compulsory face masks for both guests and team members, reserve a time to gamble, fewer slot machines, partitions art gaming tables and between slot machines etc.

It is worth-mentioning here that Wind Creek acquired Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in a $1.3 billion deal in May last year and renamed it as Wind Creek Bethlehem. The company has plans to expand the facility at an investment of $100 million, but the COVID19 pandemic may force the company to ditch those plans for the time being. Dorris also hinted that the plan to construct an indoor water park could be delayed.

 Earlier this week, the Wind Creek Casino obtained the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s permission to launch its sportsbook at the current venue of Buddy V’s Ristorante in November this year. On top of that offering, the entertainment facility has plans to launch an online gambling platform by the end of June or sometime in early July.