Impact of COVID-19 on Casino Industry and Online Casinos

Impact of COVID-19 on Casino Industry and Online Casinos

Online casino and sports betting was getting popular even before COVID-19 pandemic but as the situation around the world evolves, the casino industry will see a major shift in future. COVID-19 lockdowns announced in March 2020 have been lifted but the lockdowns have left a permanent impact on people. The current generation would have never thought that there could be such severe lockdowns and almost complete ban on international travel.

While the lockdowns have been lifted and international travel has been allowed, many sectors will see a major impact in the coming years. Travel sector has been impacted and many people working in airline industry, hotels, cruises and restaurants have been laid off. Casino industry has seen a major impact as casinos, nightclubs and other entertainment venues faced longer lockdowns.

However, online casino industry has witnessed a rise in number of bettors signing up for the service. Many companies that were operating land-based casinos have also planned to offer their platforms for online users.

As per American Gaming Association's data, the second quarter 2020 commercial gaming revenue for the US market amounted to $2.30 billion, registering 79 percent decline. Sports betting revenues were also lower as majority of sports events were suspended.

But casino industry experts are confident that the sector will see a sharp revival in 2021. Casinos will have lower operating expenses and with vaccination drives, people will be able to enjoy entertainment and casino activities in the coming months.

In India, the online casino segment has witnessed a strong growth over the last few quarters. There are many platforms that offer reviews about online casino and gaming websites but India Casino Info has specialist online casino team in India that offers honest, unbiased and detailed review of casinos operating in the Indian market. Online casino operators registered outside India are allowed to operate in India and majority of reliable platforms have been approved by Malta Gaming Authority or BGC in the United Kingdom.

Online casino operators offer variety of games and bettors can also try their luck with sports betting. Live sports events have to be very carefully monitored and these platforms offer fast data feeds for bettors to make informed choices about the game outcomes of their favorite teams.

For card games, the platforms also offer live dealer games, an interesting feature that has witnessed a strong demand among bettors. With live dealer games, the user experience is much better. The technology required to offer live streams for better user experience and interface, has been a deciding factor in some platforms winning over their competitors.

While the bettors have a wide choice, it is also important for them to make an informed decision about which platform is the best and the team at India Casino Info has been working hard to bring the best features of each of these platforms. Online gaming and online casinos will witness strong growth in the years to come and technological advancements and use of artificial intelligence, will only make user experience better in the future.