Sports Betting

Ohio residents could start placing sports betting wagers by April 2022: says Senator Schuring

Ohio Senate Majority Leader Kirk Schuring, one of the leading lawmakers behind the push to grant legal status to sports betting in the Buckeye State, is quite optimistic about its chances. Schuring, a Republican from Canton, said in a recent interview that that a conference committee could meet sooner than later to start work on a final bill on sports betting that would allow the state’s residents to start placing wagers on their favorite sports event and team as early as next spring.

SportsMap Tech IPO garners $115M as company prepares to find suitable merger partner

SportsMap Tech Acquisition Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), has announced that it has raised $115 million in its recently closed initial public offering (IPO). Owned by SportsMap Radio, the blank-check company announced the funds fetched by the IPO as it is making preparations to find a suitable merger partner/s. Most of the industry experts are of the view that the blank-check company could pursue a media deal sooner than later.

Ohio state senators approve SB 176 to legalize sports-betting

Taking the first major step towards the legalization of retail and online sports-betting in Ohio, the State Senators passed Senate Bill 176 (SB 176) by voting 30-to-02 in support of the measure.

The SB 176 has specifically designed to allow gaming entities in the Midwestern state to apply for one of 58 land-based and remote sportsbetting licenses that the state government has plans to issue in the coming years.

Impact of COVID-19 on Casino Industry and Online Casinos

Online casino and sports betting was getting popular even before COVID-19 pandemic but as the situation around the world evolves, the casino industry will see a major shift in future. COVID-19 lockdowns announced in March 2020 have been lifted but the lockdowns have left a permanent impact on people. The current generation would have never thought that there could be such severe lockdowns and almost complete ban on international travel.