Search for father who abandoned kids at 7 Cedars Casino still in progress

Search for father who abandoned kids at 7 Cedars Casino still in progress

An investigation into Washington State casino child abandonment case is still open as the father who allegedly abandoned two young children at the parking lot of 7 Cedars Casino last weekend is still at large.

The father, identified as 38-year-old Travis Michael Parker of Sequim, Wash., allegedly abandoned his two children at the aforementioned casino parking lot. The kids in question are just 5 months and 1.5 years old.

Last Saturday (12th of June), Parker parked his vehicle in the parking lot of 7 Cedars Casino at around 5 am. First he allegedly left his children unattended in the vehicle and went inside the casino. After a short time, he returned to the vehicle, allegedly placed the two kids in the lot, and then drove off.

A short time later, he went back to the car and the children, still in car seats, were allegedly placed in the lot by their father. He then drove off.

A passerby saw the two kids and notified casino security staff. The security somehow managed to call the kids’ mother and arrangements were made to handover the kids to her.

According to an online weather website, the outdoor temperature in Sequim last Saturday ranged from 56 to 60 degrees. Luckily, the children suffered no injuries or health issues.

Earlier, the father had called his wife from the casino to visit casino to pick the children because he had to go to work. But, the mother asked him to drive the kids to home. He never did that, and left the kids in the parking lot of the gaming property.

State deputies are still searching for the father in connection with the incident. Requests have been made to members of the public to help locate the father. Anyone with any relevant information about the incident can call 360-417-2459 or provide an anonymous tip at

On social-networking site facebook, Sequim sheriff’s office wrote, “Probable cause exists for the arrest of Travis Michael Parker for Family Abandonment (Class C Felony) and Leaving Children Unattended in a Motor Vehicle. Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful.”

It is not the first of its kind incident in the U.S. in December last year, a mother identified as Miriam Ramos of Nevada allegedly abandoned her three-year-old kid at the Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas. She was eventually discovered in California and extradited back to Nevada. Now, she faces charges of child abuse and neglect.